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Beloved Indie Pop-Punk Artist Oli Outside Puts Himself Second In New Track “Weigh You Down”

Oli Outside’s dedicated fan base is highly anticipating the release of his single “Weigh You Down”, which goes LIVE today. If the track doesn’t stir up emotions, then you should turn the volume up. Vulnerable from the start, Oli fears that everything going on in his life will only weigh someone else down. Wanting what’s best for them, he puts himself second, thinking that maybe it’s best they avoid the baggage. The relatability is undeniable for those who may struggle to find balance and to feel worthy of love in relationships. “Weigh You Down” is unique in that it offers lyrical diversity through a back and forth of raw hip hop and catchy pop melodies. Sprinkles of alternative rock influence brighten the track; Oli admits wanting to create a more rock n roll version of The 1975 through his musical versatility. Also inspired by bands like Twenty One Pilots and The Front Bottoms, “Weigh You Down” offers a nostalgic vibe, drawn from the heyday of mid-2000’s emo-pop.

Oli Outside’s versatility extends beyond his music; he creates everything in house, including his merchandise. With dreams of being a fashion designer, he hopes to channel his unique strengths into multiple creative endeavors. Known for his energetic and captivating live performances, Oli has successfully garnered over 700K streams on Spotify alone. The love for his music motivates fans to create content on platforms like YouTube. Something about his songs inspires others to bring the music to life; with impressive songwriting credits for artists like Louis The Child and The Plain White T’s, Oli has been organically climbing the ladder of success with a productive and collaborative ethos. Having had to learn the hard way and start over several times in his career, he continues to come back stronger and more creative by doing what he does best: putting the fans first.

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