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Beloved R&B Artist Melanie Iglesias Introduces New Single: Mr Magoo

Multi-talented recording artist and comedian Melanie Iglesias gears up to release her highly anticipated single “Mr Magoo” on Friday May 8th. Quick to follow the release of her debut EP “Context”, “Mr Magoo” falls in line with her classically smooth R&B sounds and conceptual lyrics, painting a ‘grass is always greener’ portrait of what it’s like to imagine the lives of others on social media. The confusion lies between falling in love with the idea of a person and falling in love with an actual human being. This is where the name “Mr Magoo” comes from; a classic cartoon character she imagines in her mind, which depicts her mental image of a love interest from afar. In a world ruled by social media, Melanie poses the idea that real love is often overlooked and while we are more connected than ever, that true connections are hard to come by.

“I just think it’s funny how you say you want this but you go and do that. And then you pretend you’re unlucky; I wish you could admit that you’re fronting.”

We’ve all been there; the flighty nature of social media is quick to reel us in and even quicker to let us go. Yet again, Melanie delivers an incredibly relatable experience, especially with millions inside, dating on their phones during quarantine. To her point, commitment is less valued now that we live in a time where social media displays millions of options at the swipe of your finger. She draws inspiration from the classic 1950’s cartoon character Mr Magoo who presented as a wealthy, short-statured retiree, getting into a series of comical situations due to his extreme near-sightedness. Affected people found him to be a lunatic instead of being near-sighted, displaying a problem similar to the faulty perceptions we make of people by the way they choose to present themselves on social media. Again, touching on the point of falling in love with the idea of a person rather than the person themselves. Fortunately, through uncanny streaks of luck, Mr Magoo’s situations always found some way to work themselves out, leaving him no worse off than before.

About Melanie: After a brief career in modeling and being featured in coveted magazines such as a Maxim cover shoot, Melanie went on to star in her own viral video serious “The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book” which has garnered over 50 million views on YouTube. After a series of viral videos, she caught the attention of MTV and was cast in four of their original series including popular shows Girl Code & Guy Code. The popularity of these shows enabled Melanie to continue her passion and pursue a career as a writer and performer as she began taking her wits to the stage doing standup comedy. After a decade, Iglesias’ passion for music was reignited when she learned that her vocal health was no longer suffering and that she is able to pursue her lifelong passion for creating and performing music.

Be sure to follow Melanie Iglesias on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter today.

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