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Ben Phipps & Sam DeRosa Come Together for ‘Don’t Stop Now’

When I found this next one in my inbox, I was excited for so many reasons.  First of all Ben Phipps is a G and regularly drops releases that land in my inbox and are nearly impossible not to support.  Beyond that, I actually went to school with singer/vocalist Sam DeRosa (shout out Mercy College) and she once demolished me in a talent show (back when I was a rapper).  It was a well deserved win and I knew even way back then that she was going to have some major successes in the music biz.  I am always hyped to see people win… even more so when you’ve been rooting for them the whole time.

Sweden born NYC based songwriter/producer Ben Phipps has been absolutely dominating, most notably with his release, “I Don’t Think So”, which alone has been streamed over 20M times on Spotify.  A business minded musical mind who has turned down major label deals and opted to remain indie while releasing his music on his own label 14 & 9 Records, continues to break the mold and prove the old music business wrong at every turn.

Together, both artists are right at home on, “Don’t Stop Now”.  With Ben Phipps delivering on the production in his signature fashion, Sam DeRosa delivers a brilliantly Pop performance.  The energetic release is everything you want from the modern Dance/Pop world.  Pitch perfect vocals, incredibly catchy top lines and easy to follow lyrics all come together over bright percussive melodies, a ripping bassline and a smart radio friendly arrangement.  Just enough bounce to make this work In the clubs, but formulaic enough to fit right in at Top 40.  An all around stellar release that I’ll have in rotation for a while – fa sho.

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