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Ben Provencial is Back on RDFO with His Latest Bop "Love You For Today"

While it has only been a couple of years since Atlanta based Ben Provencial dropped his debut single, he has since proven that he is here to stay. With an incredible knack for melody and an ability to pen lyrics that resonate on a very human level, the success he has seen so far is more than well deserved.

Keeping his foot on the gas and making sure to keep fans on the line, Ben Provencial is back once again on RDFO with his latest offering, "Love You For Today". The emotive, inspiring and perfectly crafted single is further proof that he has his finger on the pulse of the Pop scene, creating yet another memorable release that we can't seem to get enough of. While this single would fit perfectly into any Pop playlist you may have in your library, Ben Provencial also has a way of adding his own personal flavor to make sure he cuts through the clutter.

Dynamic vocals, slick arrangements and words that cut deep all mend together to give listeners all the incentive they need to make sure he remains on their radar. About this tune, Ben Provencial says, "‘Love You For Today’ was written about cherishing a romantic moment even when the relationship was never built to last. "

Listen to more like Ben Provencial here:

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