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Ben Schuller Releases “Pact Ink” – The Fifth Entry To His Concept Album “New

Quick off the heels of his somber track “Be Somebody Else”, pop artist and producer Ben Schuller takes a look at the extreme lengths we’re willing to go for fame in his new single “Pact Ink”. The track’s eerie tones and shadowy production provide a backdrop for this commentary on our generation’s desperation for attention. A term defined as the ‘specially prepared ink that a contract with the devil must be written in’, “Pact Ink” uses this lyrical imagery to discuss what we’re willing to do to make it to the top.

Pact Ink serves as the fifth entry to Ben’s upcoming concept album “New Roaring 20’s”. After the previous chapter, “Be Somebody Else” looked at the ways addiction to social media can lead to self-doubt and a warped self-esteem, “Pact Ink” finds Ben doubling down. Instead of detaching from the fake highlight-reel world of the Internet, Ben is defiantly insisting on doing what it takes to reach these unrealistic expectations. With lines like “I’d go anywhere that you want me too, Bloody road but I’d take it if it’s what if it’s what it took // Strip me down, build me up until I’m bulletproof, Dotted line, Imma sign without a second look” Ben captures the desperation many face as they try to achieve a level of fame. 

“Pact Ink hits on an emotion I’ve found myself digging into a few times, this thought that to be happy I need to get the top at any cost. It sounds admirable on its face—the same “do whatever it takes to win” mentality we usually praise. But is there a line? If you’re compromising who you are, are you actually going to be content when you get there? There’s a low point where you stop caring, you give in” says Ben.

Ben Schuller’s modest start in the industry, recording acoustic covers of modern hits eventually led him to writing and producing songs with YouTube-based music group, NerdOut. His tracks have been played over 500M times cross-platform proving his relatable sentiments are resonating with listeners. “New Roaring 20’s” has offered fans an emotional push and pull through struggles with self-doubt, internet clout and our obsession with social approval. Ben understands that our self-perception is often influenced by the way that others see us. And with hits like “Pact Ink” he proves that sometimes human beings will do whatever it takes to maintain a chosen image.

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