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Ben Wylen Gets People Talking With Debut Album ‘People Say’

Ben Wylen is bursting onto the scene this month with the recent release of his stunning debut album ‘People Say’. All twelve tracks in this impressive body of work showcase the wide breadth of talent that inaugurates Ben Wylen as such an exciting artist storming the scene this year. It was, in fact, a chance meeting in London that set the musical magic in motion when Coldplay and U2 producer Danton Supple’s ears picked up on the intense talent of Ben Wylen. With a multitude of industry icons including Elbow drummer Richard Jupp, Starsailor bassist James Steflox and Grammy Award winning sound engineer Steve Fitzmaurice sprinkling their audio expertise over ‘People Say,’ this album really isn’t one you want to miss. 

‘People Say’ is swimming with stunning sonic selections. Audrey Riley’s (Muse, Colplay) strings curate a sensational soundscape in a selection of of the songs, namely ‘Veins’ boasts a beautiful atmosphere. ’21’ is another stand out in this diverse body of work. In this self reflective piano ballad, Ben considers the depths of his achievements in life since he was 21 years old. Co-writer Ed Harcourt (James Bay, Paloma Faith) helped curate a deeply introspective anthem as Ben Wylen’s vocals are utterly incredible throughout. Showcasing an emotional range and rawness that doesn’t just tug, but rings your heart strings like a bell. ‘People Will Talk’ is an expertly crafted concluding track for his debut album as it leave us on the realisation that, yes, people will talk regardless but you should always do you. Ben Wylen’s debut album might just be our chosen daily soundtrack to 2021 – and whilst Ben contemplates the nature of what people say throughout this astonishing debut album, it’s no doubt that all people will have to say about this body of work is wow.

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