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Benedict Cork Continues 2019 Push with New Single ‘Funny How Things Change’

With co-signs from the likes of Elton John, Billboard and Clash, it would be hard to overlook a talent like Benedict Cork.  While the London bred artist has been immersed in music nearly his whole life, it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that he decided to launch his solo career.  For his first release, Benedict Cork released, “Piano Tapes”, a fully live 5-track EP that features the crooner pairing with nothing more than a piano and delivering a brilliant performance.

His latest single is yet another example of his impressive abilities and once again proves why  he is garnering such massive support.  While the focus may not be on his solo career, Benedict Cork is also becoming a highly sought after songwriter and performer recently having supported Brit Award winner Tom Walker and Grammy nominated Emily King while also racking up a co-wrote credit on Adam Lambert’s current single ‘Feel Something’. 

Make sure you check this one out and get all up in your feelings. 

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Tasty Bits’ playlist on Spotify!

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