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Born in France, raised in London, and rocking out in Stockholm, Benjamin Roustaing hit the studio to start creating some new music in the winter of 2020. Having just recently finished an existential conversation with an old childhood friend, Benjamin found the inspiration for his new single. How The Feeling Goes is a song about the never ending search for what the world has to offer. All to accurate, Roustaing sings about “walking around town watching the world go round”, questioning his own path and what is written in the stars. Let’s face it, we have all been there, and Benjamin’s lyrics are startlingly relatable. Friends getting married and we can’t even find a steady date, friends getting jobs and we are still delivering pizza, WE get jobs and we haven’t seen our friends… is this really it?! Is this what life is all about? There’s got to be more. “How the f*ck I know” says Benjamin Roustaing, and honestly, I feel you dude! No one knows what the future holds or where we will be in one week, let alone years from now.

With easily relatable lyrics and a clean vocal delivery, the single is accompanied by an ensemble sound of synthetic piano, a laid-back finger style acoustic vibe and a simple percussion beat that really gets the head bobbing. The synthetic piano helps top add an upbeat tone to a sort of melancholy song about our place in it all. Sounding almost like a cell phone video game, the music draws you in while the lyrics make you think. Although, not exactly a summer BBQ dance jam, How The Feeling Goes will certainly have you singing and humming for a long time after you hear it. I was singing along by my second go-around.

Listen to more music from Benjamin Roustaing, here:

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