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Benny Duhay Shows Lyrical Prowess in New Hit “Bubble Rap”

First generation American Hip Hop artist Benny Duhay is back with a witty quarantine jam “Bubble Rap”. While we’re all isolated in our individual bubbles this year, artists like Benny are creating more than ever before; in Benny’s case, he’s been hard at work with his lyrical skill, hence “Bubble Rap”. The energetic new single drops quickly after his beloved party hit “Mexico” which received praise from publications like The Hype Magazine & The Hollywood Tribune. In “Bubble Rap” Benny keeps things ‘poppin’ with lyrical versatility and potent punchlines from beginning to end.

“Matter fact, run it back, like I’m Christian McCaff // Somebody call 50, they don’t even know the half”

The buoyant dynamics on “Bubble Rap” give fans a high energy bounce that means business. Unlike “Mexico” which had a laid back summertime vibe, “Bubble Rap” introduces a new side to Benny that stands up to the most talented lyricists in the game. Influenced by artists like Kanye West, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and Eminmen, Benny’s style offers a brilliant balance of skill and good vibes. Interestingly enough, as a first generation immigrant from Tel Aviv, English was not Benny’s first language. Not knowing that one day he’d join the ranks of lyrical masterminds, he conveniently picked it up rather quickly. Now, a resident of the City of Angels, Benny plans to round out 2020 with several releases, hoping to stay creative throughout the unknowns and turbulence that this year has brought the world.

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