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Benny Mayne Releases a Saucy, Acoustic Flip for ‘Bounce’ [VIDEO]

Fast-rising Toronto artist benny mayne has been riding a wave since the release of his debut single, “Bounce”.  Right out of the gate, he found his first song hitting the top of Soundcloud’s viral charts in multiple territories – and for good reason.  With his signature blend of R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, benny mayne brings the sophistication of a veteran artist and the edge of the new school.

Quickly signing with the mighty Paradigm Agency and locking in distribution with EMPIRE, Benny has since released two more singles to much acclaim – first jumping onto my radar with, “Lucky”, which is still in heavy rotation in my playlists.  With a stack of releases ready to go including collaborations with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producers Williedonut, Sad Money, Rock Mafia and Justice League, Benny Mayne is ready to keep the heat on well through the summer.

Most recently he has dropped an acoustic version of, “Bounce”, that comes along with a slick visual treatment.  Toning down the release and trading baby making basslines for romantic guitar riffs, the new interpretation is just as saucy albeit a bit more sensitive.  Again, on this version, Benny Mayne’s vocals take the lead and carry the tune with the visuals helping to give listeners a better understanding of the man behind the melodies.

While I sometimes find acoustic versions tacky and unnecessary, benny mayne has absolutely delivered with this one.

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