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Beth De Bacci Releases New Dreamy Indie Pop Song, "Monster In Me"

Originating from sunny South UK, Beth De Bacci uses her incredible musical talent and knowledge of songwriting to create her new silky indie-pop track, “Monster In Me.”

“Monster In Me” is an upbeat and lush indie-pop anthem about dealing with the personal critic, or as Beth likes to call it, the “Monster in Me,” that lives within all of us. “Monster In Me” has an addictive pop melody and a powerhouse drumline that is fit for a huge stage.

Loaded with luscious synths, uplifting lyrics, and beautiful raw vocals, Beth highlights her artistry by making the typical “pop ballad” her own. Beth’s ability to make a big song, loaded with beautiful instrumentation and arrangement, like “Monster In Me, into an intimate and personal track highlights the mastery of her craft as a singer-songwriter.

Beth’s lyrics are emotional and raw, depicting her personal struggle with mental health and her journey to stay hopeful, despite the internal challenges she faces. In “Monster In Me” Beth recognizes the impact of her inner critic and the toll it has taken on her life.

“I’m ready to beat you...”

is a lyric that repeats throughout the song, giving listeners hope and comfort who are going through a similar phase of life.

Beth balances the hurt and emotion of her inner demons’ while still recognizing that the struggle is only temporary.

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