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Bigman & The Birdseeds Release Anthem of Revolution with 'I Don't Wanna Work'

Who wins the Which Three People Can Make The Most Noise challenge? I’m giving my vote to Bigman & The Birdseeds’ entry, their new single ‘I Don’t Wanna Work… NEVER!’.

The Bristol-based trio are a certified Rowdy Bunch, and their new track is an anti-establishment anthem about their hatred towards the conventions and traditions of the working world. Wearing a suit, being underpaid, being stripped of individuality; these three reject all this. They know that they - and all of us - deserve better. And they’re ready to fight for it.

Their call for revolution is guided by fiery lyrical cannonballs of resentment towards the government, dynamic and explosive drumbeats, violent guitar which aims to push ‘the man’ into the depths of hell, and some heavy, gritty bass lines that keep the fire burning.

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