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Bill Murray

Let’s start by saying… if you don’t like Bill Murray… we hope you stop following the blog now and also go do some soul surfing.  That guys is an absolute legend.

Now let me say, this new tune by LA based Andy Marsh, also titled, “Bill Murray”, is pretty great in every way, just like the guy who’s namesake graces the track.  For the last 2 years Andy has been out in LA working as a film-scorer, while also working on his own musical projects on the side.

Teaming up on his latest release with Varun, AVE & EFX seemed to be a magic formula, with the single quickly climbing the Soundcloud New & Hot chart to #17 – and for good reason.  The tune relies on melodic plucks, mellow background elements and the smashing vocal performance from Andy Marsh to grab hold.  Picking up for the hooks, they bring in some heavy percussion and catchy leads to take it to the next level.

About his sound Andy says, “I love the synths and giants sounds of Electronic music, the lyrical depth and complexity of acoustic music, and the musical textures of orchestral music.  I try to equal  combine all 3 styles into my music.

While the production lays the perfect bed for Andy Marsh to do his thing, the lyrics and vocals here are the clear standout.  Fun, memorable and dynamic – I can’t wait to memorize all the words (I almost got it) and annoy the shit out of my wife in the car on our next ride.

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