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  • Al Stephens

Bipolar rapper & poet LUNA Clipse finds hope in a lonely NYC in "The Belly of the Beast" video

LUNA Clipse's video for "The Belly of the Beast" is a visual representation of isolation and mental illness in the streets of New York that ends in a reassuring sunrise that we all occasionally need to be reminded of. The cinematic video unfolds like we're brought into the gripping finale of a film. LUNA Clipse's primary ambition seems to be to take us on an intimate journey through one man's experience with bipolar disorder and its prevailing stigma in society.

The R&B chorus brims with hope as it seamlessly blends funky basslines and horns with ethereal tones. LUNA's evocative verses draw us into his world of bipolar depression. The song paints a vivid picture of the soaring highs of mania, juxtaposed with the inevitable descent into its melancholic aftermath.

His latest album LUNAtic unravels a rollercoaster of emotions, a tumultuous cycle of heaven and hell, from the depths of debilitating depression to feeling like an overmedicated shell, to the exhilarating heights of spiraling mania that birthed this record.

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