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Blanks Serves Us Serious Retro Teen Movie Vibes on “I’m Sorry” Video

Though Dutch indie-pop artist and YouTuber Blanks might be known for his signature, upbeat, indie-pop sound, today he returns with a new single that showcases just how versatile this multi-hyphenate is. “I’m Sorry” is a stripped back, soft and fragile ballad that puts Blanks’ heartfelt vocal delivery at the forefront. The release arrives ahead of his debut record, “Nothings Lasts Forever And That’s OK” out October 29th

Armed with only his voice, a piano, and guitar, the raw and unguarded lyricism of “I’m Sorry” marks a turning point for Blanks. Realizing it’s time to be honest with himself about his relationship, Blanks now has a major choice to make: chase his dreams or risk losing the love of his life. His conclusion: “I can’t afford to spend my life with anybody else”.

Recorded in one take in a cabin in the woods, if you listen carefully you can hear the birds sing along in between the lyrics, giving the song a unique organic and honest feeling” says Blanks on the production story behind the track. “It sounds like I’m sharing his deepest emotional struggle without a filter, which I am.”

Alongside the brand new single, is a visual that serves as the final of five thematic music videos, lifted from the album. Each one unfurling the coming-of-age love story of Emma and Erik (played by Blanks), whilst channeling the nostalgia of a bygone era of teen movie cliches. “I’m Sorry” picks up the story after the fallout of our love birds in the “Never Have I Ever” visual.

We watch a forlorn Erik desperately trying to win his dream girl back, eventually resorting to the bold and climactic move of performing “I’m Sorry” to Emma at a talent show (where some of Blanks’ real fans were extras in the crowd). Overwhelmed by Erik’s grandiose gesture of romance, Emma storms off, leaving a heartbroken Erik alone in the club. Viewers need not despair though, like all good teen romance movies, this one has a happy ending. Keep an ear out for the sneaky snippet of track ten, “Except For You”, from the upcoming album, during the couple’s tender reunion moment.

Blanks’ debut album, “Nothing Lasts Forever and That’s OK” was written as a bittersweet time capsule to some of his lasting memories, including his first love and tragically losing his best friend at a young age. Pulling inspiration from the sounds of popular music at the time, and brought to life with Blanks’ signature, synth-pop style, his ten-track debut is brimming with gems, including the singles “What You Do To Me”, “Classic Armstrong”, and “Never Have I Ever,” which have received praise from the likes of MTV, Ones to Watch, Sweety High, and Earmilk. Through the release of his album, which he wrote, produced, and composed the majority of himself, Blanks hopes to encourage listeners to cherish every memory and value their time on earth. Nothing Lasts Forever and That’s OK is Blanks’ endearing invitation, “for you to make your own dear memories, with this music as the soundtrack.

Check out the nostalgic video below:

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