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Is it me, or is Sweden churning out some really good music lately? A new single, titled BANJO comes from songwriting trio, Blend. Blend was formed by three musicians who grew up as childhood friends in a small town in central Sweden. Together they have played many shows in their hometown and have begun to cultivate a sound that remains fresh in style. This is due in large part to the fact that they allow their feelings and emotions, of the present time, to craft they type of music they create, together, or with other friends. Rather than confine themselves to the parameters of a specific genre or songwriting style, their music evolves with them and their current state of mood.

Since forming their strong foothold and following in their hometown, Blend is ready to move on to bigger goals and opportunities, for both their own band as well as writing songs, with other musicians. Their new single, BANJO could be described as a minimalist tune, but that wouldn’t be quite right. Though the track does not have soaring anthemic sound, fit for an arena, the soft and cool melody flows with sophistication. An Alt/Pop jam with a swing beat and acoustic melody, BANJO also has some electronic/synth tones balancing out the arrangement, with vocals resembling 21 Pilot’s style, while still being distinctive and original.

Whether you are in to folk music, 80‘s synth, Alt-Rock, or electronic music, there is something to be had heard and loved from Blend!

Listen to more music from Blend, here:

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