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Blue Heaven Gives Us New Alt/Indie Single- Jane Doe

Austin, TX based duo Blue Heaven, is an Indie–Pop duo and a breath of fresh air, to say the least. As is their latest single, Jane Doe, released on January 8th. Both the song and accompanying video are immediately recognizable as creative masterpieces, coming from a Band that literally oozes style & charisma. The electric guitar and synth piano melody created by the duo are consistent with the sound of todays typical indie–pop bands and the 90‘s grunge drums, somehow, seamlessly pair with the newer indie sound. Jane Doe is written & produced to a radio ready level. Darker lyrical content, revolving around the longing for something that is unstable is offered up in a very bright, colorful (literally), pop package; that can, should, and likely sell very well to the public.

The video, for Jane Doe, is unapologetically stylistic and quirky. Directed by Bradley Atom and featuring the duo playing various instruments and showcasing their personal styles in an array of scenes, dancing, and different color palettes. The feature serves well for getting acquainted with Blue Heaven. A mixture of negative video frames, wardrobe, and musical content give the single life and color, difficult to rival.

If you haven’t already, I suggest adding these boys to the playlist!

Listen to more music from Blue Heaven, here:

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