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BOBBI ANDONOV stops teasing, and finally decides to make us all sweat with "Bad Decisions"

"Bad Decisions" crawls its way out from the deep recesses of Bobbi Andonov's mind, after months of teasing we are all feeling the heat, and we all know what we would do in a situation like this.

Australian singer and songwriter Bobbi Andonov dropped a few sultry funk-infused pop tracks - "Until The Morning" and "Night Crawls" under the stage name Drella at the time, then they crawled into the depths of their smokey soundbox, took out all the tools and built us a cinematic set layered with alt-pop paint, soulful vocalizations and bleeding synth rock, electro sound that belongs in every new age Noveau film this side of the Moon.

It's no surprise that the album art for "Bad Decisions" is a James Dean neck lean, a romanticized jawline and a bleeding, patched-up nose - The track practically writes its scene of jaded experiences, rebellious reactions and above all a passionate romance that we've all felt, we've all pushed away and we've all embraced

"Bad Decisions" is pure unfiltered new age audio cinema.

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