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Bolinas shares shoegaze-emo single "U.L.B."

Bolinas, the band helmed by St. Louis native singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Chris Thomas, has shared a new single from their forthcoming debut LP, Heavy Easy Listening

Photo Credit: Amanda Laferriere

When it comes to shoegaze-influenced rock styles, I tend to be very particular and picky with what I like, and this new single "U.L.B." from Bolinas is exactly what I'm looking for. Not too heavy, not too soft, but hitting the Goldilocks "just right" balance of shoegaze, emo, dream pop, and indie in one gorgeous blend. This new single and the album that it comes from, appropriately titled Heavy Easy Listening , does exactly what it says on the label – the heaviness and intensity of harder-edged shoegaze and emo styles married with sticky pop melodies and streamlined song structures that make it all go down smoothly. The single release is also accompanied by a music video for the song. The acronym title of "U.L.B." stands for the immensely relatable concept of an "Unnecessary Last Beer" - that one last drink you have as the night is already winding down that you end up regretting next morning. The song was written after a night of bartending when Chris fell victim to the "U.L.B." phenomenon himself, reflecting on his tendency towards self destructive behaviors and distant romantic relationships where “It seemed safer to not put too much into a relationship when I could just wind up getting hurt.” Inspired by a conversation he had in the bar that night with a Icelandic couple who taught him the expression “running off your horns” (essentially the nordic version of “sowing your wild oats”) Chris realized that maybe it was time for him to move on on from this self-destructive phase and settle down a little – both in his romantic life and in his consumption of Unnecessary Last Beers.

We've all been there (or at least I have), and this equal parts dreamy and emotionally raw song from Bolinas captures that regretful feeling perfectly. Be on the lookout for Heavy Easy Listening when it arrives via Sub Rosa Selects on October 7th 2022.

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