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Boo Seeka Releases Their Newest Synth Pop EDM Song, “Next to Me.”

“Next to Me” is the quintessential EDM club and festival song. It captures the euphoria and freedom of EDM music with its hard hitting bass and dance worthy beat. The song starts off melodic and calm to only grow in tension. This slowness reflects Boo Seeka’s talent as an artist to create a pop sounding anthem that is not only singable, but has essential hard and aggressive elements that are necessary for a slamming EDM track.

“Next to Me” is incredibly complex. The song is a constant balance of managing loud sounds and synths without drowning out the melody. Boo Seeka is able to build upon instruments to create tension and intrigue, allowing him to avoid having to put the climax at the beginning of the song in order to hook listeners. Boo Seeka manages to make "Next to Me" interesting and groovy from beginning to end.

Boo Seeka has remained a staple of the Australian music scene by continuing to bless audiences with a constant supply of hits. Book Seeka uses their high energy performances to sell out rooms all around the world.

In 2022 Boo Seeka has set their eyes on writing, recording & releasing their much anticipated sophomore album.

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