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BOOSTEDKIDS Flip Burn The Disco’s ‘Go’ into Big Room Bomb

Having built up their name through a steady stream of collaborations with legends like Steve Aoki, Pitbull,, and others, the Italian producer/DJ duo BOOSTEDKIDS have been making their mark on EDM for years. Their newest remix of Burn the Disco’s song “GO” is sure to have dancers moving.

By replacing grooving rhythms and ambient melodies with thumping drums and huge builds, the multifaceted duo have transformed the Tech House track into a Big Room banger that’s perfect for festival season. Pulsating keys and a thundering bass add layers to an already lively track. As the song builds to the drop, listeners can’t help but notice the amount of detail BOOSTEDKIDS have put into this release. Each sound is perfectly selected, and the resulting song is nothing less than fire.

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