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Boston indie favorites AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER release new music video for "Anybody Got A Light?"

Bostonian indie favorites Air Traffic Controller are thrilled to release their latest music video for “Anybody Got A Light?”, the latest single from November’s Dash LP.

Anthemic and timely, “Anybody Got A Light?” fits the moment perfectly. This song embraces the feeling of regaining hope after a "post-pandemic" world, like a spark in the soul.

Air Traffic Controller attempted to maintain the line between becoming a cliché and confronting a widely known issue head on with "Anybody Got A Light?".

Nearly everyone on the planet was affected by the COVID-19 lockdown during the spring and summer of 2020. Fear, loss, and boredom revolved daily, but hope also shimmered and faded as the news changed. Though some songs directly addressing this subject may be clichéd, the Boston indie favorites avoided it in this "pandemic song".

“Anybody Got A Light?” was recorded live at Dimension Sound Studio by producer Dan Cardinal with Seth Kasper and Air Traffic Controller.

After hearing Dave Munro play it solo acoustic, Dan decided to record it live quickly without overthinking it.

Air Traffic Controller maintained that lo-fi spirit in the track's music video. A literal interpretation of the title was suggested by video director Tyler Armstrong. A mysterious character transforms less fortunate lives into happier ones with a flick of a magic lighter. Like early MTV videos, these stories are told through TVs playing in the dark and all acting is done by the band.

"Filming this video amplified my faith in this group and our future. I truly believe we have a lot more to accomplish together." says Dave Munro.

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