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Braden the Young Drops Genre-Bending Track "Special"

DIY producer, multi-instrumentalist and and singer from Kansas City, MO, Braden the Young has released a groovy new track off of his debut album "SUPER" entitled "Special". "Special" is a crooning love song inspired by the way you should treat your significant other. Chivalrous in nature, his new track bends genres with a unique blend of outer space synths and 70's inspired guitars. Recorded in Portland under Middleborn Music, Braden's track is the perfect upbeat, summer pop hit. Paired with some killer cover art, we're given a playful aesthetic that pairs well with his vibrant personality. Though often behind the mic himself, Braden the Young songs usually feature vocal collaborations, tapping in heavily to the music scenes of Kansas City and Portland, OR (where he currently resides). For Braden, building a community of artists is as, or more, important than the music itself. Through his label that he co-founded, Middleborn, Braden has forged a circle of talented artists who have also become some of his closest friends.

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