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Branches Stun with New EP ‘All Along’

Splitting their time between LA and San Francisco, 4-piece Indie outfit Branches have seemingly been flying under the radar for sometime now.  While they may have had some major successes and a number of smash singles, they have yet to reach the masses in a way that seems deserving for their drive and talents.  

Since releasing their debut project in 2010, the group has kept steady gigging and creating, having in the past shared stages with acts like MUTEMATH, Twin Forks, Judah and The Lion, and Ying Yang Twins.  Now securely on the radar of tastemakers far and wide, Branches continue to leave a legacy with their latest offering, “Out of My Head”.

The transformative new tune features lush acoustic/electronic production, an intricate arrangement and a haunting vibe that builds from the gate and leads to an emotional crescendo at the end.  While the rhythms and melodies in the production hypnotize with repetitive riffs, the vocals soar thanks in part to fresh harmonies and lyrics full of angst.  

Dark and ominous, Branches latest single also seems to provide feelings of hope and triumph that sneak out from beneath the toplines and gritty synthetic basslines.  While this one may not be for everyone, I am sure it will have you feeling some sort of way if you give it ago. I will be rocking it heavy for sure. 

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