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Brandyn Burnette Is Putting The Pause On Life With “Airplane Mode”

While the first few days of 2021 have felt like the cadence to 2020, there is one thing from that hellish year we need to talk about in this new year: Brandyn Burnette’s “Airplane Mode.” The song, produced by Dwilly, is part of a collection of songs Burnette wrote over the past year during a hard breakup.

Putting Burnette’s flair on display, “Airplane Mode” is a pop, hip-hop fusion that complements the artist’s desire to escape. The song’s upbeat nature mirrors the bliss one finds themselves in when they’ve disconnected from the digital world, even if only for a moment. Full of clever one liners like “it don’t really rain out here in LA where everyday feels the same” and “tired of saying ‘Cheese,’ when it’s just a mouse trap,” Burnette lays down his feelings in acute metaphors. Speaking about this tune, the artist says:

“The day I wrote it, my ex & I decided to separate while we still lived in the same house. Some days I was so over the tension that I would literally hop on a bird or lime & scooter around North Hollywood, turning my phone to airplane mode to escape.”

Grinding independently since 2015, Brandyn Burnette has made a name for himself in the LA music scene. Having written songs for Backstreet Boys, Afrojack, Keith urban & rich the kid, Brandyn has now been focused on writing his debut album. Now managed by Zac Cohen at Scooter Braun’s management company SB Projects, Brandyn is releasing a few singles ahead of his official EP out with PIVTL PROJECTS (Russ, Marc E Bassey) coming early 2021

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