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British prog-rocker Richard E begins anew with his new LP

The new Opening Scene album by Richard E marks a new chapter in the British prog-rocker's career. As Richard E's first solo album, the record shows his wide range of influences, sounds, and styles.

The entire album was written and recorded during lockdown, which made it an arduous and contemplative process.  

Through his post-punk roots and contemporary sounds and influences, Richard E has created his own masterfully introspective "pandemic record".

In the end, this is a seamless and effortlessly fluid record that seamlessly blends rock, post punk, electronica, and psychedelic influences into one harmonious whole.   

Described as "Bowie meets Bauhaus", British musician/composer/producer Richard E created the band Annabel (lee) with his American wife, singer, lyricist, and composer Sheila Ellis. Ninja Tune Records released their debut album in 2015, which won the UK's Dead Albatross Music Prize.

Born and raised in Yorkshire and the North East of England, he studied Fine Art at Newport College Of Art before moving to London to pursue a music career. When his first band, The Hoochmongers, disbanded, he began exploring sampling and electronic music. 

In collaboration with Solar Apple Quarktette's Martin Christy, he founded Further Out Recordings. During their time together, they released several well-received singles. In addition, Richard held several DJ residencies around London, including the in-house DJ position for London Design Week. 

Currently, he hosts the monthly "Saturn Radio" show on Radio D59B Berlin, exploring different genres of inspiration. 

Opening Scene, the new album from Richard E, is available now across music platforms courtesy of Further Out Recordings.

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