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British Star – Alfie Templeman- Shares new single ‘Happiness in Liquid Form’

The new INDIE/POP single for the 17 year old rising star, from Britain, is co-written with lead singer/guitarist of the English INDIE band The Vaccines, Justin Young. The pair hammered out the jam, in just one day at the studio, and immediately knew that they had something special to offer, to the rest of us. The tune oozes melody and swings with a DISCO flair. The fresh open-ended back beat effortlessly keeps your head and shoulders swaying while the melodies and tones root in your ear drums creating a smooth portal for the lyrics, about allowing happiness to flow into your body unhindered (regardless of outward negativity), do just that. Alfie’s new creation should definitely be considered a sing-a-long song for the upcoming summer.

‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ came during a time where people are having a rough go, due to global pandemic, and the young artist says “It’s a tough time for everyone right now so hope this brings a little happiness into people’s lives!

Templeman has already made quite the name for himself, since releasing his debut single ‘Like An Animal’ back in 2018. he has since received many accolades including being chosen by YouTube Music to be a worldwide “foundry artist” in 2020, where he shares the title with predecessors such as Dua Lipa and Rosalia. As well as, being hand picked by Apple to front their #shotoniphone campaign last year.

In February, Templeman was H&M artist of the month in the UK and is on a steady forward moving path, after touring the UK and selling out venues weeks ahead of time, in 2019. One thing is for sure, this kid will have more in store for us!

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