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BRKN BLVD and Stacey Kelleher Team Up for Unlikely Duet "Drive Away"

Serving as his 7th single this year, NYC-based BRKN BLVD delivers, “Drive Away”. Produced by ColorMind, his latest single is a somber yet uplifting tune that features buzzing, Nashville based singer/songwriter Stacey Kelleher and touches on the need for us to feel like we are not alone. Seeing how often many of us feel lost, “Drive Away”, pushes the importance of having someone you can turn to when you are at your lowest.

About the single, BRKN BLVD says, “I have been patiently waiting to release this one. At first it was on hold, because I knew something was missing – as it turns out – that something was Stacey Kelleher. I was so excited when she agreed to collab on this one and I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with her performance. While I can’t seem to write anything overly happy or bubbly, this tune has a great uplifting energy and has an aura of hope that I can’t seem to get enough of.

When nothing else seems to help, sometimes all we need is that one person who knows how to bring us back to life and help get back on course. As always, relatable lyrics and catchy melodies lead the way while a clean guitar driven production (played by Stacey Kelleher) sets the tone. After sitting on this demo for a couple of months, BRKN BLVD reached out to Stacey who instantly fell in love with the lyrics and agreed to hop on, creating an unlikely yet impressive duet that pulls at the heart.

When asked about how she ended up on, “Drive Away”, Stacey Kelleher says, I was so thrilled when Brian/ BRKN BLVD asked me to hop on ‘Drive Away’. The hook was already so catchy and I loved the production and overall vibe. This is the perfect song to blast in the car with the windows down!

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