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BRKN BLVD Drops 5th Single "Ashes" on RockDafuqOut Records

Making good on his promise to deliver new music every 6 weeks, NYC-based BRKN BLVD is back once again with new, emotive love song, “Ashes”. Written from the heart, his latest offering was penned during a rough patch in his long-term relationship and was one of the first songs he completed for this new solo project. Having been with his wife for 11 years now, there has been no shortage of ups and downs, but despite the bad times, there is no denying how real, raw, and undeniable their love is.

Lyrically, “Ashes”, speaks to the feeling of being able to recognize that although you may be at rock bottom, true love is always worth fighting for. Just like love, throughout the song there is a constant back-and-forth, bringing to light a sense of confusion and an aura of uncertainty, but ultimately, when they are apart, there is no place else that feels like home. While both parties may feel like it is time to go their separate ways, their connection is unbreakable and fighting to make things work is their only option in the end. Til’ Death do us part.

About, “Ashes”, BRKN BLVD says, “This was a tough one for me to write to be honest. When I first put the pen to the pad, my wife and I were at our lowest point. I was looking for apartments and I was certain that the love she once felt for me was long gone. As the words poured out and the song continued to develop, the sentiment seemed to change and I was able to acknowledge that even though I was hurt, sad and at a breaking point, leaving would have only left me even more destroyed. The love we have and the life we have built together is something I wouldn’t trade for the world, so although we may not have the fairytale love everyone hopes for, there is no one else I would rather be on this ride with. We are where we are today because we found each other 11 years ago. We are stronger together, better together and we were made for each other (even if it is in the most dysfunctional way) and for me, that is worth fighting for.

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