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BRKN BLVD Drops Debut Single "Over the Rainbow"

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

New NYC based artist BRKN BLVD has officially just dropped his debut single, "Over the Rainbow". The summer-ready bop which is produced by buzzing vibe-maker CHYLD and also features a slick verse from the musical wild-chyld. The first ever release on newly formed independent label RockDafuqOut Records, this brand new bop features slick production, memorable melodies and plenty of swag - bringing just the right balance of bounce and emotion to make the songs miserable undertones a bit more peachy.

With a promise of a whole lot more on the way, this is just the beginning for both RockDafuqOut Records and BRKN BLVD. "Over the Rainbow", perfectly sets the tone for what's to come and brings a mood-boosting energy that we could all really use right now. Check it out and RUN IT UP.

Listen to more like BRKN BLVD here:

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