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BRKN BLVD Drops Latest Bang "Forever & Ever"

Keeping his foot on the gas, RockDafuqOut Records label head BRKN BLVD is back once again with his 11th single, “Forever & Ever." Over the last year and a half, he has continued to drill high-caliber releases and build a small, but devoted fanbase, thanks to his impressive songwriting and ability to craft memorable and accessible tunes.

While the vibes vary, clean production, quality mixes and undeniable energy always remain from release to release and, “Forever & Ever,” certainly follows protocol. Written during a tumultuous time in his relationship, his latest bop is an energetic, Alt-Pop jam that is sure to hit you where the heart is. From the touching verses to the fast-fire hooks, BRKN BLVD delivers an impressive and dynamic performance over driving guitars, pounding drums laid out by longtime collaborator Richard Rusincovitch with buddy and label mate FRNK hopping on for a ripping guitar solo at the end.

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