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BRKN BLVD Kicks Off 2024 with Sean Kennedy Produced "Wither"

Since launching his BRKN BLVD project in March of 2022, NYC-based artist and RockDafuqOut Records label head Brian Delaney has continued to drop a string of singles that have undoubtedly helped to prove himself as far more than just a label exec.  With 12 releases currently live and a whole stash in the works to unload in 2024, BRKN BLVD promises that the best is yet to come.  With a focus on writing songs from the soul that appeal to the masses, BRKN BLVD pens relatable, memorable and thought-provoking tunes that bop on the surface, but cut deep when you really tap in.

Kicking off the year not only for his solo project, but for RockDafuqOut Records as well, BRKN BLVD is set to release, “Wither,” on February 16th and it is undeniably one of his top drops to date.  Produced by LA-based artist/producer Sean Kennedy (UPSAHL, Still Woozy, Nessa Barrett, Slush Puppy, Chloe Lilac, JAWNY, gnash) “Wither,” is a dark, depressing song of self-loathing that speaks to the undeniable fact that – we are all going to die.  A bouncy, gritty, guitar driven, production sets the perfect tone for BRKN BLVD to deliver a moody and memorable performance.  At just 2 minutes and 14 seconds long, “Wither,” is short and (no so) sweet and will surely have listeners bringing it back for another dose of misery.  This is for the Debby Downers.


About the release and collaboration with Sean Kennedy, BRKN BLVD says, “TBH I’m kind of both, shocked and honored to have Sean Kennedy involved with this project.  He is one of my personal favorite artists/songwriters and I have been supporting his releases on RDFO since he launched his solo project in 2019 and have been trying to work with him ever since.  He is a musical genius IMO and what he did with, “Wither,” only helps to prove my point.  When he signed off to produce this for me, I wasn’t even aware of how many artists that I love he has worked with.  His songwriting/production credits are seriously ridiculous and I honestly am not sure I (BRKN BLVD) am even worthy of his time – but I sure do think, “Wither,” is a BOMB – so maybe I’m wrong.

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