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Bronx Indie Mainstay Conversing With Oceans Drop New "Untitled" EP

Continuing to charge ahead, building their catalog and pouring their heart into their art, Bronx based Indie champions Conversing With Oceans has recently graced fans with an impressive new body of work. Having just released their 7-track, "Untitled", EP, they once again delivers songs that connect on a basic human level while also making sure a piece of himself comes along for the ride.

Serving as their fourth EP, the new projects lead single, "Warning", features Grammy-award winner Nate Fox, seeing both parties come together to make something that feels completely organic and against the grain. Also featured on the EP is frequent collaborator and fellow Bronx native Bryan Keith (NBC’s The Voice) who works perfectly into the fold, perfectly complimenting the already impressive project.

With a handful of new originals to grab your attention, "Untitled", also includes covers of songs by The Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries. About the project, Conversing With Oceans says, "It is about the cyclical nature of life, of history, of our personal dramas—the times we feel spectacularly lost, then awakened and found, and then find ourselves right back on page once again."

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