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Brooke Alexx drops her shimmering pop anthem “Stole My Heart”

Independent bedroom-pop artist Brooke Alexx has released her new single “Stole My Heart”, an ultra-catchy banger about the highs and lows of a whirlwind romance. The song marks the third single from her forthcoming project due later this year and we couldn’t be more excited to hear more. If you’re not familiar with Brooke, this fun, up and coming artist is known for her upbeat, synth-pop driven ear-worms, as well as her bold and playful aesthetic. Based in Nashville, Brooke’s music has steadily been gaining momentum since her initial 2018 release, with her debut EP “Me” having garnered an impressive 700K streams. 

Her latest release has all the makings on a pop anthem. Opening with a slow build of emotive lyrics, before exploding into a shimmering pop anthem, “Stole My Heart” is a not to be missed release for bedroom pop lovers.

Stream it at the link below.

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