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Brooklyn Band Best Breakfast Release "Let it Come to Me"

Off the heels of the announcement about their upcoming album, Brooklyn's Best Breakfast is back with the album's first single "Let It Come to Me". The song narrates the push and pull of a new romance and all of its initial complexities. The song partners with a vintage lyric video, perfectly pairing the bands classic vibes with an aesthetic to match. If you're sold on someone too soon and then it backfires, "Let It Come to Me" touches on intuition, vibes and interpersonal dynamics - all of which play a factor in whether or not you start to date someone. The band's singer, guitarist and songwriter Majest goes on to say "I like to think that most of the time my feelings are pretty spot on but this song is about a recent occasion where they just weren't clear at all and that was challenging to navigate. The lyric about promising that ‘one day this will be funny’ rings so true. The further I get away from it, the more I have to laugh at myself."

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