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Brooks Brown & Truitt Come Together for the Better

I am digging this collab between 19 year old Brooks Brown and Nashville duo Truitt. I’m not too sure how it came to fruition, but I’m glad it did.

On their new tune, “No Service,” Brooks delivers on the production while Truitt soars on the vocals in perfect Pop form.  The vocals are clean, delicate and pitch perfect

What I like most about this track is how well crafted it is and how each element perfectly compliments the others.

Deep bass lines and bright plucky melodies fill up the verses adding enough energy to be felt beneath the vocals, but not more – always adding and never distracting.  On the hook Brooks brings in some Future Bass elements, but they are not abrasive and overpowering, they are just right, dampened, powerful and melodic.

The track develops overtime, finally giving way to the last hook and a new vocal sounding synth lead element adding some spontaneity at just the right time.

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