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BURNR Lights things Up with New Single "Why Don't You"

While the pandemic has kept be mostly hunkered down at home and out of the clubs for the last couple of years, BURNR's recent single, "Why Don't You", has me ready more than ready to head out. The Dutch producers new dancefloor filler on Be Yourself Music brings just the vibe we need right now as we get ready for warm weather and maskless nights.

Hailing from The Netherlands where there is no shortage of world class DJ's and producers, BURNR has made it his mission to make sure he cuts through, developing a sound that blends genres and brings an undeniable energy with every new release. On, "Why Don't You", saucy vocals, ripping synths, never-ending groove and Trance inspired builds come together to create a high-energy track that is sure to be a staple in many of your favorite DJ's sets throughout the year. Sexy, smooth and a bit dirty, this jam makes sure it works no matter what the mood. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your bins.

Listen to more like BURNR here:

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