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Buster Moe Releases Powerful New Single “Seventeen”

Swept up in the nostalgia of his teenage years, Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Buster Moe releases his new hit “Seventeen”. Grounding larger than life soundscapes with relatable lyrics, “Seventeen” takes listeners back to their teenage years of feeling lost or invisible. Looking back at what would have been, had he made different decisions, Buster reevaluates his journey as now, a 29 year old, and how his experiences may have varied, had he taken an opposite path. Inspired by thoughts of what might have happened had he stayed in a, what might have been, toxic relationship, he gets the wheels turning with endless “What if’s”.

Growing up listening to artists like Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles and Queen, you can hear the influences in his dynamic vocal range and delivery. Having experienced many ups and downs on his journey to where he is today, Buster remains an inspiration in music. His voice is built for the stage and once concerts are open again – you know we’ll be buying a ticket.

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