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Buzzing Artist/Influencer Zoë Ferguson Preps to Release Stunning New Single "Calories"

While her most recent single, “Die Alone”, continues to find praise, rack up streams and stir her devoted 500k+ followers into a frenzy, 21-year-old Portland-based artist/influencer Zoë Ferguson is showing no sign of letting up. Now primed to release her highly anticipated single, “Calories”, on October 21st, Zoë digs deep and looks below the surface to deliver one of her most personal and empowering songs to date. After sharing a short, acoustic clip of her performing, “Calories”, on TikTok late last year, the response was immediate and the clip quickly went viral, with fans and strangers alike latching on and patiently waiting for its release ever since. Continually turning heads and proving herself as an artist to watch at every turn, Zoë Ferguson undoubtedly has her finger on the pulse and has the talent, drive and work-ethic to back it up.

About her new single, Zoë Ferguson says, “I wrote, “Calories”, about two years ago, when I was really having a hard time with an eating disorder. I needed an outlet for how I was feeling, so I sat down and started writing. This song is very personal to me because it is a very sensitive subject and it’s about my biggest life struggle. I think it’s the right time to release it, because I’ve done a lot of healing between now and then and I think I am finally ready to share this part of my life with the world. I say a lot of things about mental health/body image in this song that I think many people are too scared to say out loud. It definitely hits home for anyone who has ever struggled with body image, and I hope it helps people relate and feel less alone.

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