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Buzzing Chicago Hip Hop Artist Prez Harris Releases “one and only”

Buzzing Chicago Hip Hop artist Prez Harris is back with the official music video to his summer pop anthem “one and only”. Teamed up with the smooth lyrical stylings of Davo Sounds, “one and only” wrestles with the complex dynamics of a love triangle as Prez pines after his girl next door. In the video shot by Josue Ortiz, we see Prez and his forbidden love lying in bed only to be greeted by her real boyfriend, played by Davo Sounds. His internal conflict is perfectly played out as he speed dates other women, only to be led back to his real interest. The chemistry between the two on screen makes for a bittersweet love story as she always ends up back with her boyfriend at the end of every night. Musically, the energetic new track demonstrates a seamless synergy between the two artists as we bounce back and forth from Prez’s dynamic lyrical delivery and Davo’s soaring chorus, reminiscent of an early Bruno Mars. The song’s funky guitar riffs pair seamlessly with syncopated basslines and steady, infectious drum grooves to create a modern take on a nostalgic sound. The effortless combination of Pop and R&B make for an endlessly danceable track from beginning to end.

“You could be my one and only, I’ve traveled ‘round the world there’s none like you / You and I would drive them crazy, Ain’t nothing in this life that we can’t do” ~ one and only

Eventually, you see the two artists face off in a head to head basketball game, competing for the love of one girl. But while Prez ends up the game winner, Davo still lands the win over their girl’s heart. Regardless of the outcome, the unexpected ending still embodies the lighthearted feel that Prez was going for in his attempt to unite listeners with his music. After a long, difficult year, he hopes to bring people together through his lyrics and instrumentation, custom made for popular appeal. Hailing from just west of Chicago, Harris attended Northwestern University where he studied Computer Engineering and Music Technology. His freshmen year, he created a student group called DOJO, a music community that reintroduced production and songwriting to Harris, inspiring him to begin MCing again. His recent album “State of the Union” demonstrated flashes of musical versatility and soon after, Harris began doing shows non-stop throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. He has opened up for major acts like, B.o.B., Jay Electronica, Little Simz, and CJ Fly. His electric and collaborative performances have won the hearts of many, as he gears up to release new music throughout the rest of 2021.

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