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Caiine Played Me Like a Fool

Here is an absolutely stellar jam to get you feeling some type of way from 19 year old Caiine.

Growing up in a haunted house in South East London the vocal powerhouse found herself surrounded by phantoms – which may explain her hauntingly passionate music and raw unrivaled tone.  It wasn’t until she moved to Northwich in her teenage years that she really began to develop as a singer/songwriter.

Within just a few short years she has delivered several tunes to critical acclaim, with her latest single, “Fools Weep”, being featured on BBC Introducing.  The emotive piano ballad not only displays her writing that is wise beyond her years, but also her ability to dominate a tune that relies on very little to set the tone.  With a simple yet beautiful piano to support, Caiine absolutely soars, touching deep with every note.

With a tone all her own and an ability to connect with her listeners, her new single is an amazing introduction to this budding talent.  Tons of Soul ooze through accessible lyrics and touching melodies.  This may very well be one of my favorite tunes of the year so far… and I’m way excited to hear what may come next.

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