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Cait Considers Escapism And Questions Validity On “I Was Never Here”

Sometimes life gets too complicated that you can’t help but dream of another and question: “what if?” Singer/songwriter Cait carries these same attitudes on her first release of 2021 “I Was Never Here.”

The dreamy single explores heavy topics perfectly complimented by production with an ethereal golden glow. Written with Sophie Simmons and produced by Brian Phillips, the carefully crafted tune forms an apex around a paradox of happiness and sorrow. The song begins with Cait expressing she’s happy she didn’t tell anyone about her birthday. This alone encapsulates how our lives nowadays are so focused on sharing successful moments rather than revealing our imperfections and humanity. The haunting thought of disappearing without a trace simply implies the conceited question we’ve been conditioned to consider: “would anyone care?”

The sentimentality of being comfortable with who we are rather than striving for perfection is ever prevalent. If we weren’t “so obsessed with validation” and happiness truly came from within, maybe we’d arrive at contentment and stop wondering: “what would it be like?”

A native of Madison, Wisconsin turned Los Angeles lover, Cait is an artist in multiple realms. Since graduating with a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music, Cait has worked behind the scenes as a writer for a range of artists from indie to major label. A creative force and a storyteller by nature, Cait not only writes & independently releases her own music, but is the sole visual creator for her music career: designing her own single artwork, producing her own photoshoots, filming, directing and editing her own music videos and online visual content.

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