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Cait Details The Fallacy Of Perfect People With “Live With Myself”

We all have or are that one friend who seems like they absolutely dominate life: responsible, reasonable, and perfect. But what lies beneath that exterior? Sometimes we forget to ask that question and don’t realize the reality isn’t so seamless. Multi-talented artist and songwriter Cait dives deeper into this realm with her introspective tune “Live With Myself.”

“Live With Myself” may have a sonic soft spoken nature, but it’s message will resonate with everyone who listens. The production provides a light-weight support to Cait’s delicate vocals and accents the hard-hitting message. Melodically, you instantly feel like you’re walking a tightrope, poised against the gravity of life, while the lyrics echo deep within your soul and face a harsh reality that we can’t just “move on, pack up [our] things, [and] get a new body” when the going gets tough. At the end of the day, we all must live with ourselves and work out our mistakes and successes.

A native of Madison, Wisconsin turned Los Angeles lover, Cait is an artist in multiple realms. The multi-talented artist wears the hats of videographer, photographer and creative director for all of her own releases. This release comes highly anticipated by her cult following of creatives who are not only awaiting the music, but also the photoshopped fantasy-inspired cover artwork and visual content Cait notoriously creates for each release.

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