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Call Me Karizma Releases the Ultimate ‘Anti-Party’ Party Track “Fire Escape”

Back with an emo anti-party song that makes you want to…well, party, Call Me Karizma releases his newest track “Fire Escape”. Having already garnered over 113k views on YouTube, the music video premieres an almost blast from the past type aesthetic with vibes reminiscent of 90’s grunge through a fish-eye lens view. The video features bizarre characters to make the idea of a ‘party’ appear to be an abstract concept outside his realm of comfort. The anti-social song is relatable on so many levels; we’ve all been in a situation where we should go to a party or a get together to network or in his words ‘fit in’, but we really don’t want to. So we go begrudgingly and end up in the corner of the room, waiting to leave.

“I’m at another party again, Don’t wanna be here but I am. I’m way too weird to make friends, My mom says “Try to fit in””

In an ongoing battle with his self-esteem he proclaims “I’m emotionally damaged, I fall in love with a stranger”. Not a fan of small talk, Call Me Karizma proves his distaste for party’s stems from people’s inability to ‘get to the point’ as they seem preoccupied with surface-level conversation. The track is one of many to grab the attention of his dedicated listener base; with the elimination of FOMO in 2020, let’s hang onto this track for the days we feel obligated to show up to events again. I’ve got it cued up in my car and ready to bump all the way to the next obligatory social event.

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