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Call Me Karizma sucks it up on “Vacuum Boy”

Combining elements of early 2000s punk with hip-hop, Call Me Karizma is known for his razor sharp word-play and unfiltered take on reality. The genre-defying artist has dropped his latest single and video “Vacuum Boy”, a song that makes an unlikely metaphor of vacuums for “sucking up” the brighter side of life. In the kind of hilarious accompanying visual, we find Call Me Karizma standing on his lonesome amidst an endless desert horizon. In the opening shot, Karizma faces the worst fear of many (or at least some) and spills with looks like to be a granola bar all over the flashy looking rug he’s standing on. In the face of such hardship, it’s only for natural for one to feel frustrated, but Karizma faces his struggle head on. Grabbing the nearest vacuum, naturally readily available in an expansive desert, he makes quick work of this dilemma, by “sucking it up”. They call him “Vacuum Boy” for a reason – Call Me Karizma is a glass-half-full kind of guy.

Check out the video for Vacuum Boy below:

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