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Callen Drops Two New Pop Gems: “Fooling Myself” and “That’s Just Life.”

Singer-songwriter Callen releases two new upbeat pop songs: "Fooling Myself" and "That's Just Life." Callen dives deep and writes about his personal state when it comes to anxiety and the ups and downs of being a songwriter in the music industry.

“Fooling Myself” by Callen is an upbeat and twangy pop song. The foundation of the song is rooted in strings: bass and guitar. The guitar is the top level melody, gliding smoothly against Callen's bright tenor voice, while the bass adds grit to the track. “Fooling Myself” switches up the rhythm half way through the song, adding a much needed pop rock element. This rock breakdown of the melody provides perfect ear candy for listeners and allows them to fully immerse themselves into the song.

When asked about the track, Callen wrote the following:

“Fooling Myself’ is a song I wrote about the ironic pinnacle of introspective burnout. In a way, it's a comment on self-deprecation."

“Fooling Myself” is just one of the many new tracks Callen has been releasing this summer. For one, “That’s Just Life” is the perfect upbeat collab between him and Gavriel.

“That’s Just Life” by Callen and Gavriel is quintessential pop music. It has the addictive hooks and melodies that are brushed on most infectious pop tracks, making it an instant repeat classic. Callen and Gavriel prove that they have strong and healthy voices, which is needed for most contemporary pop songs today. They have the vocal and musical chops to not only make good pop music, but pop music that is ambient and filled with subtle house elements.

“That’s Just Life” contrasts its upbeat and happy chords with the anxious and frustrated lyrics featured in the song. It discusses the fatigue of trying to write songs when feeling uninspired. Callen and Gavriel highlight the artistic struggle that is trying to create the next “big track” that will inspire both them and others.

Here’s Callen’s personal take on “That’s Just Life:”

“It feels like... all I do is write, but the music isn't 'right' enough. All night... stuck feeding into feedback maybe I'm just too caught up. Sometimes I feel alive, sometimes I feel alone, sometimes I wanna yell it, but everybody knows... that's life…”

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