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Callum Pitt Once Again Delivers with ‘Away from the Rousing Parades’

I have been paying close attention to Newcastle based Folk-Pop artist Callum Pitt since he first come onto my radar with his single, “Rabbits”, which as been a staple in my Tasty Bits playlist ever since.  While only a newcomer on the scene, Callum has already been able to secure support in Spotify‘s coveted ‘New Music Friday‘ playlists across Europe and radio play from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music.

His early recognition comes for good reason.  An impressive musician with an ability to write deep yet accessible lyrics, everything he has released thus far seems to touch the soul.  His signature cinematic, foot stomping, hypnotizing and stimulating sound brings the best of Folk with a commercial appeal.

What serves as his 5th single, “Away from the Rousing Parades“, is his latest release and what I am sure will be one of the first releases in a long and successful career.  Opening up with smooth, fingered acoustic guitar, the mood is somber and relaxing – it seems, to prepare you for the all out anthemic climax.  Per usual, clean instrumentation blends with lush vocal layers over a beautiful progression complimented by memorable melodies.

I’m closing – I’m done talking about Callum Pitt.  Dude is going to make some waves – he’s already well on his way.  Do yourself a favor and check him out.

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