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Callum Pitt Once Again Delivers with ‘Away from the Rousing Parades’

I have been paying close attention to Newcastle based Folk-Pop artist Callum Pitt since he first come onto my radar with his single, “Rabbits”, which as been a staple in my Tasty Bits playlist ever since.  While only a newcomer on the scene, Callum has already been able to secure support in Spotify‘s coveted ‘New Music Friday‘ playlists across Europe and radio play from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music.

What serves as his 5th single, “Away from the Rousing Parades“, is his latest release and what I am sure will be one of the first releases in a long and successful career.  Opening up with smooth, fingered acoustic guitar, the mood is somber and relaxing – it seems, to prepare you for the all out anthemic climax.  Per usual, clean instrumentation blends with lush vocal layers over a beautiful progression complimented by memorable melodies.

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