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Camille Takes Listeners by Storm With "Bad for Us."

“hello my name is camille and a fun fact about me is that i love sad girl pop music ! thanks 4 listening <3”

Camille is a young singer songwriter, who has the potential to be a indie pop sensation, despite the lack of coverage on her career. Camille may be hiding her public pop persona in secret, but there is nothing private about her music. “Bad for Us” is an incredibly sweet and airy indie-pop ballad that is sure to bring listeners to tears, yet still smile back on the highs of a self-sabotaged relationship. Camille delivers vocals and lyrics similar to teen pop legends like Olivia Rodrigo but stands on her own with her pop-based production and vocal harmonies.

“Bad for Us” begins with slow and romantic strings, creating drama and emotion in her song where she talks about being “bad” for her and her partner’s relationship. Camille’s storytelling is fluid and natural, not contrived or forced. “Baseball hats” and “stub of a ticket” are some of the vivid lyrics that are drizzled throughout this song, adding character and dimension to the performance of the track. Not to mention, Camille’s cheeky laughs and ad-libs further add punch and grit to the song. It is Camille’s ability to completely immerse herself in her song that takes “Bad for Usfrom a standard pop track to a personal and intimate confession.

“Bad for Us” has an addictive and catchy chorus that is filled with vocal harmonies and mixed and mastered like a professional track on the charts. It is this level of craftsmanship and dedication to her songwriting that gives “Bad for Us” the potential to be an industry hit.

Camille has a stellar collection of “sad girl pop music” that is worth listening to and more complex than she gives credit to. Camille is one to watch out for in the pop music scene, especially as she continues to grow in her career and refines her skills as a singer-songwriter. Camille blends personality, talent, emotion, and humor to create her incredible track “Bad for Us.”

Listen to more like Camille here:

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