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Can’t Get Enough of bülow

Megan Bulow, best known by her stage name bülow, dropped her first project, “Damaged, Vol 1”, in 2017 while still in high school.  While her friends and classmates rocked the project in the cafeteria, it also seemed to be bubbling online.  To date the project has seen over 30M streams and has helped to secure bülow’s spot as a modern day pioneer in the Indie Pop scene.

At the beginning of the summer, bülow dropped the follow up, 3 track EP, “Damaged, Vol 2”, to critical acclaim from tastemakers around the world.  Through her honest and vulnerable lyrics, she has found a way to connect with the masses, delivering stunning tunes time and time again.  Taking a few cues from Avril Lavigne when it comes to the “honesty-above-all” school of songwriting, bülow brings a youthful angst to the scene that seemed to be missing before. 

One of the lead singles from the project, “You & Jennifer”, sees bülow delivering a barbed retaliation to a cheating boyfriend.  Over a minimal dreamscape laced with mellow synths and slapping drums, she reflects on the relationship and lays it all on the line.  Clearly hurt by the betrayal, bülow puts her feelings into the song making her intentions going forward very clear.  

While, “Damaged, Vol 2”, continues to drive major streams, bülow makes sure to keep the heat on with the release of her latest single, “Two Punks In Love”.  Possibly my personal favorite to date, the new tune relies on acoustic guitar and lush layers of strings to bring a rich, cinematic feel to the tune.  The dynamic tune once again puts bülow’s vocals front and center, making sure that every line cuts deep.  About the release she says, “With ‘Two Punks In Love’ it feels like I’ve gone full circle. It’s a homey feeling. I was creating this kind of music at the very beginning, when it was just me, my guitar, in my bedroom. A lot has changed since then, I’ve gone through shit, my sound has evolved, but that doesn’t mean I won’t come back to my roots every now and then.

While bülow’s career may still only be in its infancy, there is no doubt that she is an artist to watch.  With the top tier support and major numbers she has garnered so far, I have no doubt that her rise to the top will continue – and for good reason.  Between her unique tone, unabashed honesty, catchy toplines, quality lyrics and undeniable vibe, bülow seems to be doing everything just right – while at the same time doing things exactly as she wants to.  Willing to take risks and craft tunes from the heart, it is obvious that her sentiment in every tune is ever-relatable to the crowd she is performing for.

Keep an eye on bülow.

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