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Canadian R&B Sensation John Concepcion Releases "Make Sure That I Don't"

Letting listeners in with a vulnerable new track, R&B singer John Concepcion is back with the unforgettable stylings of "Make Sure That I Don't". The talented Filipino/Canadian singer wanted to create a vision based on learning from past experiences versus looking at them in a negative way; the inspiration behind the idea led itself into his creative juices and "Make Sure That I Don't" was luckily born. Similar to how one feels when reading a book, when writing the song itself, John wanted to make sure that the listener felt like they were the ones living the songs experience. Encouraging fans to look at the past and learn from it, "Make Sure That I Don't" offers an optimistic outlook on love and relationships so that we as human beings, are constantly growing, evolving and ultimately accepting who we are as individuals. "Make Sure That I Don't" is off John’s latest Valentines EP release "It's Just Luv" now streaming on all music streaming services.

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